promoting videos

Hi all, Two of my videos that was promoted did extremely well when it was put on the front page and in my opinion is a very funny video, once it was not on front page any more they have done absolutely nothing no views, does anyone know what the reason could be, the same thing with my other promoted video both of which are both here . ?


  • Just speaking as a nobody, just an objective viewer, I think the one of the little girl could be taken differently by different people. Some would think its cute, others would be sensitive and bothered by the crying actually. The clicks probably came from the title thinking it'd be really funny. It probably wasn't shared because of the little girl being so upset. The second video is interesting. I'd click on it because animal interactions can be quite unique. So, I clicked because I knew it wouldn't be just another dog video. And it wasnt. Now why that one went no where, I can't really say as someone that doesn't know a whole lot about these things.
  • Thanks for your view, much appreciated never really looked at that video in that way,(The crying girl one ), I just think its funny but yeah I can see your point ,although it did well on the front page ,The dog one i'm with you again, it did extremely well on the front page but then not very much after that but you never know it could just pick up , fingers crossed thanks again @RebeccaStout
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