Difference between plays and views? (PlayRate %)

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Hello! quick question. My channel seems to get a lot of views but hardly any plays.. Can you distinguish the differences between the two? Im assuming views is clicks onto the channel and plays are people actually watching?



  • I have noticed it lately aswell. 5x times morve views than plays for the last 3 days.
  • I'm not absolutely sure but I believe that I read somewhere that a view has to do with how long the person looked at your video 10 secs 30 secs etc. possibly a video play is when the video is watched in its entirety. It may also have something to do with the ad types. I think Mario can clarify for you.
  • @winkeldinkel you've got the same problem as me with your username that it's repeated. @Mario I tried changing my thumbnail lots of times now and I still getting the problem.
  • Yes, its been like that for months...I do have a profile picture but it is always an "X" on here...Some kind of glitch. I have tried uploading different photos and it doesn't change. Here's my page.

  • Hello guys!

    It seems that we have a problem again with the PlayRate. Since the 25th of December, my Playrate is sinking. 71%, 53%, 51%, and 47%.
    @Mario Is this a known issue?
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