Re wording video description

Hi all just wondering if a video has been choosen for limited distribution, if by rewording the title and description has it ever in your experience changed your video to full distribution if you deleted the first one. I have tried this twice now and didn't make a difference first time ,yet to see if it does the second, or if I should just have accepted limited distribution ?.


  • I have changed the title many times and had it accepted!
  • Thanks @morganmitchell , I will keep trying this then, never know I may get full distribution next time, fingers crossed. I suppose it also depends on who looks at your video.
  • Yes it is definitely worth a try to change the title/description to get full distribution.
  • Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.. i had several videos which got accepted the 2nd or 3rd time, but also videos that kept being rejected.
  • Thanks @DoxiePom I have put it in again hope it gets accepted this time .
  • So by changing the title/description are you saying you actually took the video down (deleted it) and then re uploaded it later with the changed title and description to try and get full distribution?
  • Yes that is what I did but it still got limited but some people got full distribution by doing so.
  • Yes, that's correct @RebeccaStout. Choosing a different title and description can make it go to full distribution, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. I had 4 or 5 cases on which I deleted the initial upload and reuploaded it with different description to go to full.
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