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Online search engines have recently made changes to their requirements for video descriptions. We want to make sure our creator’s videos have an edge for a wider distribution. To achieve this, when you select our video management license we suggest our creators write around 300 words. Composed of a description with relevant tags to help identify videos on their specific topic.

A 300 word descriptive paragraph will work extremely well to increase our ranking on online search engines.

We currently work very hard to leverage our content and our distribution network to over 100 million users a month. In an effort to make your videos more appealing to search engines we need to start requesting video descriptions from all of our creators.

Rumble Creators are constantly asking us what they can do to improve their video’s chances of going viral. So here you go; one more tip to increase your chances of becoming an Internet Superstar.

When you upload a video to Rumble make sure to add a good description of about 300 words including descriptive tags, not only will it help you, but not doing so will put you at a disadvantage over other creators getting a higher search rank with search engines locating their content first.

In terms of setting a format for writing your descriptions:

1) Put the primary reason for watching (synopsis/call to action) within the first section of the description.

2) Anything you want people to see when they watch your videos on Rumble should be included right after that

3) Be careful with double line breaks (paragraphs) in your descriptions, we strongly discourage them because it may stop search engines from reading the full description.

4) More importantly: keep your title descriptive and appealing.

5) Lastly, don’t forget to add relevant tags.


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    Thanks for the info. It seems there have been a few changes lately to how things are being done.
    I've noticed on the creator dashboard that we are no longer able to see the number of videos that we have uploaded or the approval rating as a percentage.
    Is this a change that will continue or just a temporary matter?
    Also, a few of us have noticed that some of the narratives and titles on older videos have changed and that the narrative includes a link to Amazon.
    This raises the obvious questions about revenue and what impact this will have on a video's earning potential. Is there any information available on this topic yet?
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    300 words is a lot, really a lot, to describe a dog doing a trick or something like that... I just ran some of my descriptions through a wordcounter (might come in handy for users:, and with my basic descriptions I'm not even close to a 100 words! So for my last video I added a longer description, and it was a 150 words! I really don't know what to tell more about the video.

    And for the tags, is it possible to add them later if you didn't add them at the initial upload? The editing function doesn't give room to add them.
  • Yeah I have found this also I think 300 words is too much I really think rumble have got this so wrong .We will have a problem on most videos to achieve 300 words and I think the viewer will get bored too .IT would have to start with once upon a time ...... haha
  • I agree with the 300 words being too much. I think some video creators resort to writing anything, just to fill the 300 words, even if it's nothing to do with video. @tripwire it's not Rumble that has got it wrong! They've got nothing to do with this. It's the search engine! Rumble is just letting us know, this is what happened, so we can act on it. So thank you Rumble for keeping us informed!
  • Oh Right thought it was rumble, Well I don't suppose there is much we can do about that then, that's my videos not being watched then because I Would not be able to keep droning on and on about a 1 min video.@sloggervlogger
  • Just to show how much 300 words are, the openingpost from @Mario here is not even 300 words long (ok, it's 298 but still ;)) so imagine to write such a novel on a dog balancing a cookie ;D
  • @tripwire I'm with you. Looking at my videos it was difficult enough writing 100 words.
  • Haha @Doxiepom can you imagine, think the viewer would spend longer reading the narrative than actually watching the video. This did make me laugh though.
  • I agree that it's a long narrative but Rumble has been marketing our videos extremely well so far. If this is what they need then I guess we adapt. It may also change some of our content. It's easy to write a story for some videos and hard for others. We may need to start recording more complex videos with that in mind.
    YouTube is undergoing some changes too, including refusal to monetize certain content. Obviously, the changes there come from changing needs of the advertisers. Rumble has been ahead of the game for a long time and the changes that we see here will keep us ahead of everyone else. While YouTube uploaders are struggling to understand what's happening and how to adapt, we already have that information.
    I suggest that we start paying more attention to the videos and narratives that are being approved so we can get some ideas. We will likely find that we just become better story tellers.
  • Hey guys,

    We know 300 words seems a little excessive, specially for shorter videos. But this is a recommendation based on how to make a better impression to search engines.

    At the end of the day there's thousands upon thousands of hours worth of watchable content uploaded every day to the internet so we need to continuously improve to be the best.
  • @Mario could we have a bigger description box to write in, not just the three lines.
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    Hey SV,

    We're actually currently working on this feature, so just like in this box you can drag from the bottom right down and increase its size.
  • That's great! Thank you @Mario
  • 300 words is nothing! In today's SEO climate, search engines are telling bloggers that 300+ words is a MINIMUM to not be penalized. That means that they want to see more, not less. This is really good info @mario, I am liking the move toward a more transparent relationship between us(creators) and Rumble
  • I have to admit that I have been enjoying the 300 word descriptions! It is a little more work but it makes the videos come to life (I am also learning a lot of new knowledge as I have to do research for my videos now)
  • @Mario
    I had a few questions in my earlier comment on October 17th on this thread. Is there any information that you can share?
    Thank you.
  • @DavidMcNab When I ask Mario the question he wrote back saying: Creators receive revenue on the pre-roll ads shown in the videos (also mid and post roll if there's any), all banner ads or ads found outside of the video player do not generate any revenue towards the creator's account.
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    That isn’t great news to go along with the new 300 word description requirement. We work to write the content they are inserting ads into???
  • @morganmitchell I thought I was the only one that wasn't happy about this. We should see a share of that advertising as well.
  • I guess it is what it is, but the timing seems a little convenient!
  • Thanks SloggerVlogger.
    One of the things that surprised me is the changes to the narratives that often accompany the ads imbedded in the narrative.
    I was hoping that we'd see a little revenue of that too. Maybe we'll see that change down the road....
  • how many tags would you recommend? Also, are tags seperated by spaces? commas?
  • @Mario I'm a bit disheartened this morning. It's great that I've got another video accepted to full, but I do spent hours on my descriptions so I get 300 words or close to the 300 words ( words don't come easy for me and it takes me a while) . I understand that Rumble changes the descriptions afterwards. I'm OK with that too, but to see it got changed now to only two lines of description, that was a blow when you spent so much time on it. I tried given enough info, so the one who changes the description got enough there to be able to change it. Makes me think is it really worth it for us trying to get to 300 words if it get changed to two lines?
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    @sloggervloggersloggervlogger This also happened in my recent video ,but don't worry they changed it on the second day with a big description .
  • It may be possible the longer descriptions are still somehow connected to the video like tags. I think the longer descriptions help with search engines. I don't know if the descriptions are embedded somehow but hopefully all that work will still help your video have a higher chance working through the search engines.
  • I figure they must know what they are doing. One of my videos had a recent title and narrative change a few months after upload and it got over 100,000 extra views in the month or two that followed.
    I like when they don't change my work too but I really care more about success so I try to pay attention to what they might have been looking for.
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    @DavidMcNab As I said, I don't mind them changing my title or description either. I prefer it if they do, as English is not my first language. So my grammar/spelling is not that great. I was just disappointed in the fact that it got changed to a two liner when it said it was important to have 300 words. Anyway, it's all sorted as they've redone the description. So they obviously thought the same.
  • No one has answered one of the posters question about Tags. When I upload, it says I need 5 tags. That is nothing ... so am I understanding that correctly? Can it be 2 and 3 word phrases? And we do separate them with comma's correct?
    I wanted to ask about the 300 word descriptions. I recently had a video accepted for full and it was selected for the front page. I have a very short description because I was actually unsure of how important it was to be 300 words. I assume that one is okay regardless? I looked back and actually several of my vids have ridiculously short descriptions. Can I and should I go back and edit those to 300 and also edit the tags? I don't see where I can.
  • You can't edit after approval, unless that changed and I've missed it.
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