Video Approvals delayed

Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed in the last week the approval rate for videos has slowed down significantly.

This is due in part to the new description requirements for each video, and a huge influx of new content that's currently being processed.

Please know that your videos will be processed as soon as possible,

Thank you for your patience.


  • Thank! for the heads up! What are the new description requirements? Can someone point me to some information about that.
  • We will be announcing them shortly later today.
  • Thanks Mario. I was also wondering what was happening. We eagerly await this new information :)
  • What's the longest people are waiting for videos to be approved?? I'm at 1 week right now.
  • Same 1 week, never waited this long?
  • nearly two weeks
  • Two weeks !! wow what is going on ?,I know they are behind but ......
  • I've got a couple that are nearly two weeks too. I think we'd all feel better if we had an estimate on when things would start up again.
    Uploading is making some of us enough income that we really feel the down time.
  • Yeah everything gone quiet ?
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the lack of recent updates. We should be catching up to most videos within the next 24 hours, but all videos uploaded in the last week may still take about 7 days to be approved, and this will continue for the next week or so according to our calculations.

    We sincerely apologize, and we understand how this directly affects all of you because it affects us here at Rumble as well.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • My video got approved last night. Thanks
  • I had one approved too, several are still waiting. Thanks for the update Mario. And thanks to all of you for working so hard.
  • Same here I had one approved and several still waiting
  • My vid got approved just in 3 days But My YouTube earnings are not getting updated from a long time almost 21 days now.
    Is there anyone who knows or facing this problem and can tell me what is happening?
    @DavidMcNab @ultrahd @einsteinparrot @STAN123 @Mario
  • I don't have any inside info but I see this occasionally. I think it gets caught up in the long run although it's worth keeping an eye on to be sure.
  • Yes all mine are the same estimated cpm for you tube for ages now and not updated views for you tube videos for ages all my videos are way behind ........... but guessing they will be sorted before end of the month ,fingers crossed .
  • I have one video waiting for 2 weeks now. Anybody else with 2 weeks down, or am I the only one?
  • I have one that's close but I had two or three approved late last week. It seems like things are getting caught up.
  • I have one that is at two week now and has been rumbling for 4 days. Did yours ever get approved @cseh_17?
  • Yes, it did. One of the videos actually hit the 3 weeks mark, but then immediately got approved. The other one got only limited.
  • Hopefully things will catch up as promised!
    Congrats on the approval :)
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