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One of my videos has a different title than on rumble but they have full exclusivity for it and you tube has put a yellow monetized thing on my video ,when I click it , it says limited or no advertising on this video, I have checked the reason on this and all I have come up with is that the little girl in the video says god dam it ? does anyone think this may be the reason ?


  • It might be. I had all kinds of problem with YouTube lately, but all silly things. Like a video with the title 'blue tit' in it. Blue Tit, a bird everybody knows, nothing seedy about it and I can't rename the bird just because of YouTube.
  • Its ridiculous I thought it might be, they go from one extreme to the other, I mean they were putting adverts on extremest videos which they shouldn't have been ,but they have gone the other way now, it's silly!!
  • YouTube itself is violating many things and made itself supreme power even though its wrong sometimes. You have no power over YouTube. YouTube is the master you are Slave.
  • Yes how true, we are all slaves :)
  • If the video is uploaded to Rumble, then it has been claimed from them for you, and that is why you cannot monetize it anymore on your private account. It is normal. The title plays no role.
  • No these videos have not been claimed yet, when they are claimed a copywrite comes up but it is something I have not seen before it says no or limited ads, has it is not suitable for some advertisers, but there is nothing sinister on the video, its just about a girl falling in a muddy puddle .
  • @cseh_17 It's the new YouTube censorship, but because it's automated YouTube gets it seriously wrong.
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