YouTube Views not appear on my Channel.

@mario i am new one on rumble i am start my rumble channel last month . i am notice no you tube views on my channel my you tube views is still zero.


  • @asif mostly youtube views take 5 to 7 Days appear on your account.
  • @msamilodhi i m waiting YouTube view since last three to four weeks
  • rumble show my youtube views in 7 to 10 days... why not your views are being shown?
    @asif contact wich @mario
  • Views can be severally delayed if they happened before we started managing the video. For example, Asif has a video that accumulated over 60 thousand views for the last 5 years but was just uploaded to Rumble 2 weeks ago, this would create a delay in getting those views onto your dashboard.

    give it another week or so.
  • Hey @Asif,

    Your YT views have been updated, now they will show up on your dashboard but remember that because we weren't monetizing this videos previously you will not receive any earnings for those views, only for the views moving forward.
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