Have been waiting a month for payment to clear

Still waiting on a payment that was done on 25th of August. Most of my payments have cleared quicker than this..has anyone had the same issue?


  • If you mean you cashed out on the 25th you won't receive payment until the 6th October! Always upcoming Friday, plus one week Friday.
  • Hi @TianeArmstrong,

    For this kind of question you can email support directly given that this is related to your account; and the community won't be able to help much.

    I can confirm that you were paid on Aug 25th, and the amount was sent to PayPal. Unfortunately the amount was returned to us and according to PayPal it was because you didn't claim the payment for over 30 days.
  • Still have not received a reply email??? I have sent 2 emails already..help!?
  • Hi @TianeArmstrong,

    Our accounting team emailed you explaining that there's an issue with your PayPal address which shows your last payment was never claimed. If it's all good with your account you can let us know and we can send the payment again.
  • I have changed my email because my old email address doesn't exist. I haven't received any emails to this address. I included this info in my email to admin. Cheers
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