Video requested is not being promoted!

I had a rumble staff request one of my videos on YouTube (twice, in a month, because I didn't see her first message), and when I uploaded it to Rumble, it got approved for Limited Distribution!! I complained to her about it, and she asked them to change it for Full, which THEORETICALLY they did, because the video was changed to Live without me accepting the Limited Distribution... but that was it!! My video didn't get promoted at all!! I sent an email saying that my video hadn't been posted to Rumble's YouTube channel, which he was able to do for me, but that's it!! So, basically, the video that I only uploaded because it was requested (TWICE), got approved is now approved for Limited Distribution without me ever accepting it!!
So now I will just ignore any requests from Rumble, since it doesn't mean anything... and I suggest you do the same!


  • I had occasions that I uploaded a video here and it only got accepted for Limited Distribution, but then within the same day they asked me on YouTube to upload it here for the full distribution. When I mentioned I already did but it didn't get approved for Full Distribution, they said I could upload it once more, and by big exception they would still allow it for full... Sometimes I just don't know who or what thinks it fits 'the requirement' for Full Distribution..
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    I have a video that is on full distribution and it did rather well when it was on the front page , then they changed the title of it, its done nothing since, dont think its on their you tube channel ? I have looked and cannot see it anywhere, all my others carried on doing really well .
    Little Girl Is Very Mad And Starts To Cry When Seagulls Steal Her Food ,
  • On the YouTube channel, msn, yahoo ......
  • @DoxiePom, the 2 things that really piss me off about this:

    - If they message you on YouTube, requesting your video, the least they can do is make sure you get Full Distribution, since it was their idea, not yours, to upload said video to Rumble!!

    - My video is now approved as Limited Distribution (even if theoretically is Full) without me accepting it!! I wouldn't have accepted Limited Distribution, because we all know that at least 95% of the time it's worthless, and yet, here I am, with a video that got more views and likes than most of the videos that got uploaded to their YouTube channel on those days, even though the other videos are getting promoted and mine isn't!!

    I've been with Rumble since 2013 and now they do THIS to me?!?!?!

    @Tripwire, I've been a victim of title changing, as well... I uploaded a video, a few months ago, and they decided to change the title; now the video has 1,213 views on their YouTube channel, even though they have 306K subscribers, and on my channel, with the original title, it has 13,119 views, and I only have 384 subscribers... I mean...
  • @DoxiePom I was wondering why they change the title when its doing well anyway? Have you tried to get in touch with Mario he has been really helpful to me and things do seem to get sorted, but when I have been in touch with the licensing team I don't seem to get anywhere . I have a video that I accidentally didn't give full distribution to and i have filled to forms in to change it and don't think it is sorted out still has they haven't claimed copyright still and its not on you tube . Hope you get things sorted out.
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    Hi everyone, lots of good things in here that we should address.

    Title/Description changing: We do this to conform with policies. For example, certain platforms "REQUIRE" that we change titles to meet certain standards/policies. If this happens, its a good sign and is required.

    Second, I think @nademedeiros has identified a flaw that we need to address. We have a recruitment team, and then we have organic up-loaders. In some cases, you'll get Full distribution organically while never being contacted, in other cases, the opposite may happen (which @nademedeiros has identified). We definitely need to fix this disconnect (between our system and teams) and we apologise for the inconvenience while we implement a solution.

    @nademedeiros, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.
  • @chrisrumble, thank you for replying.

    I don't usually mind the title/description change, unless the new one says something that is not true. I was just showing Tripwire how sometimes the original titles are actully better than the ones Rumble choose.

    My suggestion is that, while you can't keep cases like mine from happening, do right by us and promote our videos, because I' a victim, here. Like I said, I only uploaded this video because it was requested, and I wouldn't have accepted Limited Distribution, and yet, I'm stuck with a Limited Distribution masked as Full Distribution, and it's a waste of my video.
  • Oh I wondered why they change the titles, I wasn't complaining just thought the views had dropped, which they inevitably will do, didn't know if it was the title change or it was just coincidence,Thanks for clearing that up for me anyway .@chrisrumble
  • Also, in the Video Summary, this video didn't even appeared as approved (it's showing 85 when there are 86 videos Live), @chrisrumble.
  • Hi @chrisrumble, I just wanted to remind you that my problem is still a problem.
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