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So I am a little confused and maybe someone can shine some light on this for me.
Why does Rumble post videos onto Facebook without using the rumble player if facebook views are not monetized? Some of the videos on the Rumble facebook page are using the rumble player (making the creator money), while others (like mine) are just uploaded onto facebook, generating tons of views and shares and not making any money?


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    Hi @morganmitchell,

    This is a common question in the community.

    We use Facebook posts to increase traffic to our site and your content. At this point Facebook does not yet allow monetization of videos for anyone, but normally the users that come to Rumble from fb tend to watch more than just the one video that linked them here.

    It's a great way to increase traffic to your videos, and it helps us get more users that otherwise wouldn't know about the platform.
  • Thanks @Mario
    I figured as much, but I am still wondering how they choose the videos to post with the rumble player? It would be extremely beneficial to have your video posted on facebook using the rumble player and gaining tons of views. I understand they wouldn't get as many views as the ones just posted on facebook, but I am sure it would be significant!
  • Yes i am with you on this one but my thinking is that people are just putting videos up of their own accord my video is still on fb , it has been reported. it does not mention me or rumble its just my video unless the people pay for that video from rumble i do not know how it works .Just keep waiting for it to be pulled down but has not done yet and has nearly 900.000 views.
  • Hey @Tripwire,

    What you mentioned is a separate issue altogether. If someone posts your video online without our consent, then it's a copyright violation.

    When Rumble posts of Facebook, it's simply considered a marketing tactic to increase traffic to the creator's content and our site.

  • Haha yes, I can see that now, I get a bit carried away sometimes.
  • @Tripwire,

    No worries, we still want to make sure your inquiries are taken care of.
  • Thank you Mario.
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