you tube cpm

Does anyone know why you tube cpm are so low seems to be if i get a decent amount of views in a day for example 10,000 i get really low cpm like 8p so for 10,000 views 86p ,?are others peoples like this ?but for less views i get between 60p and 80p per thousand .


  • I have a really odd thing that an older video was only viewed 10x this month, and it had a eCPM of $85.05(!!), so with 10 views it made me 85 cents..
    Furthermore, I don't check the YouTube eCPM no more as there is no logic. I have a video with over 114k views dat only made like 7 bucks in total.
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    Yeah its really odd is'nt it, I get that there are different pay rates but 114k and 7 bucks its hardly worth it lol ,wonder how they work their prices out. Bit better than mine though .
  • Why is there only 0.05 eCPM, 2 million views that only $ 109?
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