Someone Using Video Illegally??

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Found this post on Youtube using still shots from my video. It's had 515,000 hits and I doubt Rumble or I have made a dime from it!

Here is my original video on Rumble:
Little girl ecstatic after lifelong birthday surprise

What do I do?


  • I reported it for copyright infringement, but 513K views?? OMG - that's twice as many as Rumble had!
  • Mine on fb ,but I dont know if rumble have allowed them to use it or paid for it . I reported it but it has not been taken down, that has nearly 900,000 views and there is a few more on but maybe it comes under third party views???
  • As I think that Youtube video is not infringing your copyright, can see 2 different videos, youtube video it is processed as a piece of news, even if you report to Youtube they can not Remove video for non-violation.
  • Hi @Bulldogma,

    I understand your concern but these videos not only aren't the same, the video on the other YouTube channel has not been submitted to us so we can't protect its copyright.

    the other video seems to be just a slideshow, if this is yours you can submit it to us and we can manage it moving forward, so if there's further earnings to be had they can be given to you.
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    @Mario - Somebody took my video from Rumble or my YouTube channel, grabbed screen shots of my 13-year-old daughter from it without permission and created the slide show video. Since this video is protected under Rumble's copyright, isn't there some recourse for the theft of these images from copyrighted material?
    My daughter is also underage so... ??
  • Hi @Bulldogma,

    I've forwarded this to our legal department, they'll take a look and decide how to move forward with it.
  • Hi @Bulldogma,

    I just received confirmation from my licensing team that when you uploaded this to Rumble you chose the license that excluded us from managing it on YouTube. So we currently hold the distribution rights to all sites BUT YouTube.

    If you want to upgrade your license so we can protect this content on YouTube moving forward, let me know and I will email you the necessary paperwork...
  • @Mario - YES, please!
    I'm new to this and just trying to figure out how this all works. Thank you!
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