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Hi all,

Not 100% sure where to put this, but im wondering if anyone knows how to alter the embed code so that I can showcase multiple segments of my video into a blog post?

The link to the video is below, I just want to break up the segments so that I can feature each one in the post and write a brief description.

Also, would each of these views count as a view, and which kind(3rd party/rumble) would it be?

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    Hi there,

    Simply add ?t=(time in seconds) to have people watch your videos at that particular time. for example, if you want others to start watching your videos at the one minute mark, type ?t=60 at the end.

    Also keep in mind we count the view if an ad played beforehand, if you have 3 instances of your video and 3 ads play, then you will see 3 views added to your dashboard.
  • Fantastic! You are a god among men sir!
  • also, if I autoplay videos that I have embedded, they will still play ads correct?
  • sorry, one more thing @mario...is there a way to stop the segment in the embed code too?
  • yes, videos embedded in the rumble player will have a all the benefits and features of the videos in our site. it's the same player. But as far as I know you can't stop playback, you can only point the URL towards the starting time.
  • @Mario thanks. Is there a readme file somewhere that shows how to use all the functionalities of the rumble player when embedding?
  • @Mario , so basically from what you said, I understand, that the views that we see on Rumble, are only the views that also played an ad. The other way round, the views that haven't played an ad, are not counted?
  • Hi cseh_17,

    Correct, as an example; sometimes we'll use your video to promote views from Facebook in order to drive traffic to your video in Rumble, but any views of your video on Facebook are not counted because they don't allow ads.

  • Oh yes, that was clear to me. What I thought was that for example, somebody watches my video on MSN or YAHOO, but there is no AD shown at the begin or during the video. Is this view still accounted, or only if it had an AD featured in it? So my question was regarding the platforms we all know about, and get paid for (Rumble itself, MSN, YAHOO, AOL)
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