Rumble has not been claiming my YouTube video.

The last 5-7 videos I have uploaded to Rumble have not been claimed on YouTube. I use Rumble automatic uploader and choose full distribution. Here's my YT channel.
And my Rumble channel


  • Same issue with us also Rumble Not claming Our Videos .
  • Yes Same issue with My Channel rumble not Claim my 2 last Videos on My Youtube Channel.
  • Hi guys,

    We are taking a look at this and we'll let you know when it's fixed.

    Thank you for notifying us.
  • what are you meaning" not claiming my videos" that are on my youtube channel
  • When you give them full rights the also claim the copy on YouTube if there is one.
  • edited August 29
    Correct, if you chose a license that includes YouTube then Rumble will claim all copies of that video on YouTube.
  • Still nothing....
  • Hi @Jennypogue,

    I've sent you a reply to the email chain you have with support about this issue. Your videos have been claimed.
  • I have a question relating to this. When Rumble claims the video does it automatically take a cut from your prior (not yet cashed out) earnings?
  • No, we only split earnings after we start managing the video. It wouldn't be fair to users if we took the revenue earned before we started working together.
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