Android app

One of my referrals just tried the android app for rumble, but all he gets is the rumble banner in green and the rest is just a white screen. The ios app works fine. Has anybody else got this problem on the android mobile?


  • Hey SV,

    We would like to investigate this issue, can you have your referral send us a screenshot and include which Android version and phone he's running?

    he can email us a
  • Android app is still not working! My referral sent you all the details and screenshots a while ago. It's just a blank screen. Also login in from a mobile browser, is really difficult. You can't get to your own videos in the browser.
  • Hey SV,

    I have the email that you sent me, but I have no further screenshots from other users that I can link to you.

    That issue is still pending with our developers.

    Send me the username so I can make sure it's the same issue, either way we're still awaiting for a solution.
  • Hi @Mario, we sorted out the mobile browser log in. That works all fine now, now we found the expand field. It was hiding under the click for help and was only visible when scrolled slowly. I'll sent you another email with a screenshot, so you can see what I mean. The android app, with the blank screen, that's still the same, but as you said that's with the developer anyway.
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