Uploading a Video Bug?

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I just wanted to make Rumble aware that when uploading a video, the Rumble uploader form won't allow the short link most of us find/use from our YouTube dashboard. For example, I tried uploading the following video and it only accepts the full link, not the shortened one. Can we get it to allow either link?

Accepted Link: https:// www .youtube .com/ watch?v=f3uUVFhbvrk

Not Accepted Link: https:// youtu .be/ f3uUVFhbvrk

***I've had to add spaces in the links so it doesn't parse the links to show the video. Sorry about that!


  • @Mommy2TwoBoys

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're sure this feature would be useful for many of our users as well so I've asked our development team to make this update. We now support long, short and embedded URLs in our YouTube field! Please feel free to test this out and please let me know if you experience any issues.

    Thanks again!

    - Tiffany
  • @TiffanyTTse That's fast and awesome news! Thanks!!
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