No income from Youtube for this year at 324,000 viewings

Good time to all

After a detailed look at the statistics in my account, I'm worried about the fact that 324,000 views were received from Youtube, for 7 months of this year, and the revenue is only 8 dollars, and in general the income is almost not deducted since May.

Explain please what the problem is.


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    Hi Rasrad,

    You are writing about a matter directly related to your account that can only be answered by our support team.

    We can talk here, or you can take the conversation private by emailing

    To do this please reference the video title, and both Rumble and YouTube URL's for this particular video and we will be able to help you.

    Thank you.
  • Good afternoon, I sent an email to
  • I still have not received a reply to my three emails a week later
  • Hi Rasrad,

    Your email from 2 weeks ago was replied to, I resent it to you again just in case you've missed it.

    Your latest email from this morning is being reviewed and we will get back to you once an answer has been found.
  • Your ansver in email

    It seems the stats are accurate, YouTube has reported only $0.15 Cpm for just over 114 thousand views. This is about average.

    Rumble's CPM in the other hand is about 90 cents, about 6 times higher than YouTube.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

    My note

    If someone is filing an appeal for content id, then there will be no revenue from the video, do I understand correctly?
  • If someone else is able to prove their claim to a video, yes. Just filling a claim doesn't automatically remove your revenue from your video.

    That's why you should only upload videos you own the rights to. Uploading other people's videos will give you no revenue, and may end up getting you banned from Rumble.

    We take Ownership claims very seriously.
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