No reply to my messages

I have used the contact/message box pop up which states a reply in the 24 hours and I have now sent TWO messages using that and no reply long after 24 hours !!

Has anyone else had problems with contacting them and getting a reply please ?


  • Yeah, I never got a reply either, and I tried using that. I advise you to try and look for an answer here, and if you can't, email support, because they always reply.
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    Hi everyone,

    That popup window allows you to email support as well, it all goes to the same inbox, but your email must be correct at the top otherwise we are unable to reply back.

  • Hey @nademedeiros,

    It shows in my end you emailed us on July 24th and you received a reply the same day. Please let me know if you didn't get our email because we received confirmation that you did.

    Let me know.
  • Hi Mario, I have checked all my emails as I cannot remember which one I used and nothing to either message that I sent.
  • hey Mystery7367

    Send an email directly to and copy me
  • Hi @Mario, I tried using the popup window on the first week of July.

    PS: I meant to say "when" in the previous comment.
  • Hi nademedeiros,

    Have all you requests been solved already, or do you have anything pending?
  • @Mario, this was the only one that got no reply, asking how to access/manage my videos from my phone, which I still don't know how to do.
  • You can download our app for android or iPhone, and you can access most of the same features as you can on the desktop site.

    tell me which platform you use and I can send you the link
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