Video doing extremely well, but not being shared on 3rd party websites/youtube

I'm just curious about my one video, which is performing amazingly well on rumble after being accepted for limited distribution... It was shared almost 1000 times on facebook and has over 100k views on rumble now after about a month. But I'm curious why it wasn't shared on youtube or msn, aol, ect... I can't find it shared on any of these 3rd party websites. I bet it would do great if it is getting so much attention on rumble so I'm just curious why its not shared on other websites?

This is the video
South Korea Taunts North Korea By Playing A Powerful Song At The Border


  • A quote from Mario's answer on a different topic:

    "o simplify, full distribution means Rumble will take a proactive approach to getting your video showcased while with limited distribution it means we will still represent your video, but will take a more passive approach to the content, meaning it will be available to all the same partners but they will have to find it in our site rather that have us offer it to them."

    I think that should answer your question. :)
  • Thanks cseh. I just thought this video would be different since its getting so much attention and they said they upgraded it to a top tier video, sharing it on editors picks and stuff.
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