Approval %

@mario could you tell me if the Approval % in account overview has got anything to do with the Video CPM? Or any other negative factor if it is low? Thank you for you help in advance.


  • They're independent factors, we reward your CPM as we receive it from the advertisers and we don't hold it conditional to any of your accounts stats. We mainly use the approval % to prioritize the video going on the live queue, but there's a few other factors we consider as well.
  • That's good to know, thanks again!
  • I've been confused about the rating for a while as well. My rating is 65% but I've never had a video get rejected. The only thing I can think of is that whenever I get offered limited distribution (almost always), I delete the video and reupload under just the Rumble Player license. Could that be affecting it? Although the math doesn't add up that way either.
  • limited distribution gets the % down and up again when the video goes life on the rumble player.
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