Further information for videos

I received an email asking me to update some information for my video before it can be approved. Where and how do I enter this information on my pending video?


  • You have to answer the email you have received.
  • Hey @gregrodgers,

    cseh_17 is correct, You must follow the instructions from the email.
  • I understand that I have to answer the email but the problem is how do I get access to the areas that need to be completed? The problem I'm having with is accessing these spots:
    1. Did you create this video and are you the original owner of the clip?
    2. Where did you first upload this video clip? (YouTube, Instagram, Vine, etc.)
    3. Can you provide further details about this video? (who, what, where, when, why)

    Would just reuploading the video and answering these questions then save me a lot of time?
  • Hi @gregrodgers,

    It would help a lot, as those questions are asked during the upload process.
  • Thanks, Mario.
  • I found that most people get that confirmation email anyway. Is it possible that the email is sent even when the info is properly entered at upload time?
  • Not currently, as the video needs to run through RumbleRank and content verification first, then it's determined if an email needs to be sent.
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