How & When Do Creators Receive Payment?

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Rumble collects ad revenue from its various partners at varying times (depending on each partner's payout policy), we then make the revenue collected available to our creators as soon as we receive them. This is known as finalized earnings.

The YouTube and earnings are paid out monthly on a Net 30 basis. Net 30 means that it takes 30 days after the end of the month for the payments to be finalized. (For example, January earnings are paid out at the beginning of March). Other 3rd party platforms like MSN, Yahoo etc, may take up to 180 days to pay out.

Once you’ve receive your finalized earnings you can start the cashout process; cashout requests are normally received in your PayPal account in 8 to 14 days.

To cashout go to your account dashboard and select cashout at the top.

To add your PayPal address to your Rumble account, go to your profile settings.


  • Does it ever take more than 180 days for 3rd party vendors to pay out? I'm at 19 weeks (so around 133 days which seems like forever ago) with some of my sold videos but am anxiously waiting for the day that I can at least see how many views were on each (all show "0") right now.
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    Hi kwoodruff,

    It normally takes 180 days or fewer for third party revenue to appear in your account, but that's counting from the moment your video is picked up by the 3rd party, not from the moment you uploaded the video.

    If you see that it's been longer than that please let me know.

    Thank you.
  • @kwoodruff I know it seems a long wait. I almost gave up as I was fed up waiting as well, but I stuck with it and it paid in the end. So don't get discouraged. Payment will come!
  • What about Facebook? I noticed one of my videos on there with over 30K in views, does that count as Third Party?
  • Only monetized views count toward your dashboard, Facebook views are not monetized since they don't allow ads in their platform. So we use the videos to get people to come over and watch on Rumble were we can provide creators with the highest CMP.
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