Video Pending

We were contacted by and invited to start uploading videos based on our content on You Tube. Ok, we joined Rumble and have uploaded that particular video that you wanted. It's still pending! When are you going to free up the video that you contacted us about using.


  • It's the weekend so I would start watching for Monday
  • @moronbrothers the video you uploaded should be live now!
  • none of my video is approved its say pending almost now 3 days when it will be approved
  • How long should a video be pending for?
  • edited June 17
    I have two videos that have been pending for a week, and Rumble has not contacted me about why they are not approving them.
  • Hi @gregrodgers,

    Your submissions were rejected due to the fact that they are slideshows with a voice over, Rumble is a platform for videos and this kind of content will not be approved.
  • I have 3 videos that have been pending for 2 weeks with no explanation as to why or if there is a problem with them. Help, please?
  • Hey @Bulldogma,

    Your 3 videos were approved for limited distribution; emails were sent to you to accept if you want to proceed with it. These emails contain a link to approve the videos, until you click on the link the videos will remain unavailable.
  • @Mario - I have run complete searches of my email and have not received anything... unless "Rumble" is not in the address? Is there someone I can ask to re-send them?
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