3rd Party Earnings Curiosity

Does anyone have an idea on the average earnings one can make per sold video to 3rd parties? I finally received my first cash out but it was from YouTube and Rumble, still waiting on 3rd party earnings and I'm curious if they will be equal to what I've gotten so far, less or more. I know it takes awhile to see 3rd party so I want to know what I'm in store for soon hopefully.


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    Hey @kwoodruff,

    There's no way to estimate earnings for third parties until we receive the report on how much you've already received in revenue.
    There's too many factors to account for that make it almost impossible to make an estimated guess, so we rely on actual data after the fact.

    Just know that any revenue generated by your videos on 3rd party sites will be reported on your dashboard accurately but it may take up to 180 days.
  • Thanks Mario.
    @kwoodruff I generally make a lot more on third party views, but I don't believe that's typical. It's also possible that a video can perform much better, or much worse on third party.
    Your Rumble and YouTube views won't really help you predict the third party views.
    What you can do though, is to google search your title and you will at least see all the sites that picked it up.
  • @mario my oldest sold video has been up for 192 days roughly now, I see Microsoft views but not Yahoo. Do you know how long before seeing Yahoo and getting the earnings from these?
  • Sorry did the math totally wrong, clearly need coffee! Coming close to 180 days though
  • Hi @kwoodruff,

    That video has been showcased in Yahoo since March, but Yahoo payments have only caught up until January 2017. It normally takes about 6 months to see these payments come through but currently they're a little behind. We should expect all users to see Feb and March payments coming through in the next several weeks.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • Im wondering about the same thing, my video recently showed Microsoft views. When does the 180 roughly start? My video is
    Funny cat tries to enter stranger's car
  • hey @dawncorkum25 ,

    the count start when the view happens; after the video is seen then you may wait up to 180 days to see it reflected in your dashboard.
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    The video says 22,843 for Microsoft, but it doesnt say what date those showed up.
  • If it was done in a batch report from MSN, which most likely was. Then the views would've occurred anywhere in that 3-6 month period.

    If we get that information, we make it available in the stats and analytics portion of your dashboard.
  • I dont understand... the views are there but there is no reported income from it on my dashboard
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    The views typically show up at around 5-6 months but lately that changed. MSN views appeared on videos 6-8 weeks old. Payment comes in the next third party payout. That has always been approximately one month after the views were visible. If that has not changed, I'm guessing you will be paid for the views in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • thank you !
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