How to cashout, and What to expect when cashing out of Rumble.

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We get a lot of questions regarding the cashout process and I wanted to make a post to clarify two of the most common inquires regarding this process.

How soon can you cashout?

As soon as your earnings reach 50$ you can start the cashout process.

How/when do I receive payment?

Cashout requests are normally received in your PayPal account between 8 to 14 days after you cashout.


  • When we cash out on a video. Can we cash out again later down the road?
  • Yes, if your video has generated enough revenue to cashout again, then yes. You can cashout as many times as you want as long as you have at least 50$ in your account as finalized earnings.
  • Thank you Mario!
  • how long does it take to get money if you referred someone to rumble?
  • When they get paid, you get paid.
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