making money via rumble

Hi just wondered if anybody making money via rumble ,not you tube but the rumble side of things as i dont seem to be making anything and my rumble views do not seem to be going up anymore than they was about three weeks ago?


  • LOts of us are doing very well. When did you start?
  • I'd be interested in this thread as well. I began on April 15th myself. My views have been very, very low.
  • One of my vidoes is doing ok but only via you tube not many rumble views and my other videos are doing hardly anything ,I started begining of march .
  • I started February-March and I've had no views at all. How does a video be graded on the Rumble viral thingy. In theory its profitable, but all that seems to be on the viral lists, better viewed videos are all very basic edited, where the ones that I've watched that have a lot better edits and more engaging have done poorly. I wish someone could give us the low down on why this happens.
  • I replied to your new post, rumjar. This is what I originally said:

    I'm not sure what genre your videos are but they go by what people enjoy seeing. The animal or surprise type videos draw in a lot of traffic, and then those people share it and so forth. I understand it can be frustrating, but it doesn't really matter how well your content is edited or filmed. You can make absolutely stunning videos but if they're not a topic that has mass appeal it's not likely that they'll go viral.

    But now I'm wondering what option are you selecting when you upload? Have any of your videos been selected for full promotion?
  • And mostly, it is very important to have patience. In order to earn enough to say: 'it was worth it' , you have to wait up until 1 year.
  • Oh I understand vitality and marketing etc. Just making videos that are relevant to a particular time, (Election, Global trends etc) you'd think that to have content make it's initial view count within 48 Hrs or at max a few weeks. I tend to do Vlogs, How to's, Exploration. But from the community posts I'm wondering if there is even a need for tags if there are only a limited post categories. Jump scare videos it is then ;-D
  • Just give it a try... You will be surprised! ;)
  • Rumjar, research what helps you get promotion here and the difference between promoted videos and limited distribution. That's the crucial first step.
  • yeah no worries... Just have to see what other ideas I can come up with at some point. I don't copy others ideas and always try to produce things that I think others would like, but I guess I gotta go back to the drawing board, and start producing stuff that worked for me back in the beginning
  • we have done well. seems like out of nowhere we started getting tons of views.
  • I started about 3 weeks ago(first week I didnt even know I had an account) and heres how its going, i also do a lot of promotion on my own through my blog and social media accounts.

    YouTube Earnings
    3rd Party Earnings
    Rumble Earnings

    Video Summay
    Videos Uploaded
    Videos Approved
    Approval %
    Video CPM
  • Thanks for all your feed back but things have really picked up now .
  • How can the number of uploaded videos be smaller than the accepted ones? :o
  • I think it's 25 videos uploaded, 19 approved and an approval of 76% ;) @cseh_17
  • Oh, right! That makes sense, the order was a bit ambiguous.
  • I'm trying to understand how that ratio is calculated. If I receive limited, is my approval rating lowered.
    Is it uploads compared to full promotion? Uploads compared to total videos accepted (both limited and full promotion)?
    I'm trying to decide whether it's better to try a second time with some improvements with most videos.
  • its this i believe "Uploads compared to total videos accepted (both limited and full promotion)? "
  • I noticed that when I recently uploaded a video that was offered limited and then I deleted the video it dropped my approval rating. Maybe it's better to accept limited even if you don't make any money on it to keep your approval up. Either improve upon it and upload again or just leave it up there with your promoted videos. That's what I plan to do in the future.
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    Is it really true that the approval % is affecting your change on full distribution? If I'm offered limited to a video, I usually try it with a new title, description and some tweaks. If that upload doesn't get accepted as well, I tend to move on to a different agency which usually are happy to accept my content. Rumble however is still my no. 1 agency I want to work with. If this is caused by my approval %, I understand why so much is being rejected.
  • Well, in my recent experience I uploaded a video here that was offered limited distribution. I didn't accept limited that time so I simply came into my account and deleted the video. Just prior to deleting it I had 67 percent approval. As soon as I deleted the video, it instantly dropped to 60 percent. I'm assuming that my deletion of the video caused that. I don't know if this has any bearing on your chances for fully approved videos in the future so I figured to play it safe , I will now accept limited distribution too .. They do seem to keep track as to how many videos you upload vs how many are approved...I could be wrong about this so maybe somebody from Rumble could clarify-I noticed this in the account overview section of the site. I don't have a huge number of videos on here--17 videos and 6 of them promoted. I can't complain because it's still more money than I ever expected to get and much better than what YouTube pays on it's own.
  • I cannot see approval ratings having any affect on wether your videos are fully approved or not ,one of the admins may be able to clear it up though if you message one of them .
  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to clarify, approval ratings have no effect on your individual videos. We still assess each video individually regardless of who the creator is and their approval rating.

    We added that field to the dashboard so creators that are more data inclined and are willing to tweak their content to get a higher approval rating can see exactly how their videos are doing in a snapshot without having to manually count how many videos they uploaded and divide them by the videos that got approved.

    And again, it doesn't affect any future uploads, we have many creators upload dozens of videos before they get one that really takes of and goes mainstream. So it's just a metric that many creators just don't follow as it doesn't reflect the overall status of the account, it just simply reflects uploads/approved.
  • Great that's reassuring to know! Thanks Mario!
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