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Hello ! Im New On Rumble and i don't know how much this company pays for 1000 views ? i already shared a video but there are no earnings showed in estimated earnings? do i have two wait to see my earning or what? Anyone who can give me an answer i would be very thankful .Thank you


  • I got 100,000 view for $100 it took a couple months for the money to come
  • It's up to $3 per thousand views. I think it's usually more like $2-$2.25 though. If your video is getting high views (like 10,000 or more per day) then I think the ads on the video pay better. I'm not sure of that. IT's just how it has seemed on mine.
    Generally, youtube views are roughly $1 per thousand views and Rumble is 2-3 times that.

    The views can fluctuate a little but they generally show up pretty promptly. The earnings seem to be a few days behind the views and the payout is about 120 days after the views.
    Third party views just paid out recently for me but it was the first time I received them. I started in February and this was my first third party payout. It seems like you can cash out earnings at least once a month after the initial waiting period.
  • @gcurri1 What is your video?
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    These are the biggest liars. you will never pay. look at my post. https://community.rumble.com/discussion/2492/cash-out-problem#latest
  • I can't explain your matter but I'm getting my money without any issue. In fact, it's a whole lot more than I ever thought possible. The third party payouts are rolling in now. I've had two in two months.
    I'm finding this to be working properly.
  • I agree with David. For me it's working properly too. Hope they can help you with the problem.
  • I have had a video out there for 5 months and still have not seen any third party postings. I also do not understand why they post my video on Facebook and do not have it linked back to the player. It has well over 20 million views that I am not getting compensated for. And now they posted it a second time to Facebook!
  • How does a person earn. Do they have to have there own videos from you tube?
  • Not necessary YouTube, but for sure your own video, own creation. Upload it, at select a management type. If Rumble selects your video, and start's sharing it across it's partners, you will be payed 100% the Rumble earnings, 90% the YouTube earnings, and 60% 3rd party earnings.
  • thanks for answering
  • Capri472, In addition to the answer above, you will see your earnings in your 'account' as estimated. They will be finalized soon after and will appear as funds that you can cash out after approximately 120 days. They will be paid to your paypal account.
    Third party earnings are not completely consistent but the views on your video will suddenly show them at approximately 5 months and you will see the third party earnings at approx. 6 months.
    In my case, Rumble views and Youtube views have paid a similar amount and the third party earnings have been substantially larger than each of those. It varies from one video to the next and the third party views don't necessarily coincide with how popular your video was on Rumble or Youtube.
    Limited Distribution videos will not earn third party revenue.
  • Do you know what the paypal address is?
  • They send payment to your own PayPal email address. You need to go to PayPal.com and set up an account and make sure Rumble has your PayPal information.
  • How do I give them the information, I have tried to find a link or place to add. Can't seem to locate
  • @paulwisener under profile settings. There it says payment details , put your PayPal email in there.
  • Thanks for the help, I finally got it fixed. Now I'm curious as to how long I have to wait for money to transfer to my account
  • Hey @paulwisener,

    Cashout requests are normally sent between 8 to 14 days after the cashout request was made by the user.
  • I've had a number of Editors selections and the Rumble/Youtube view are around 15,000 to 20,000 each so far. Very curious, but does anyone have an idea about what the 3rd party views/earnings might look like? I know this is a guesstimate, but if anyone had similar numbers they can pass on that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • Third party will pay at about the same as Rumble views per thousand, but the third party views cannot be predicted by the performance on Rumble or YouTube.
    I've had some make 300x the views on third party as the other views, and some go exactly the opposite.
    Googling your title to see where it has been shared will give you an idea of the exposure, but even that is not going to do more than give you a hint at what the views can be.
  • Hi I have had over 600,000 views on one of my videos and has been going around since about april and I havent had any third party views as of yet ,this video is pretty much everywhere when you google it but still have no views ? Is there anyway I can check to see if I have ?
  • You would not believe this I just looked and i have a count for microsoft ,ignore the last message sorry guys .Hahahah
  • You already have 3rd party details on videos from April @Tripwire? I uploaded my first vids in April and I'm still waiting for that, normally it still should take about 2 months. I'm really curious about that.
  • A very new development is that MSN views will appear sooner. The general rule is that the views for third party appear at 5-6 months and payment is a few weeks after that. The third party payment is always approximately 6 months but it can vary quite a bit.
    The latest payout, yesterday was for January uploads.
    If you look at your videos you will see MSN views appearing now for videos uploaded 6 weeks ago. At least, that's what my channel looks like. But AOL and Yahoo is still about six months from upload.
    And remember...this is not going to apply to Limited Distribution videos. Another good reason to submit your best efforts. With third party promotion, your payout will be much better.
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    I went check the views per video instead the Stats page and I see them showing over there as well. Huge difference in numbers: Videos that performed well on Rumble or YT that hardly had any views on MSN and vice versa.

    Edit: I see some videos with no views from MSN, however they are uploaded there. Newer videos do have views, will these be added later on?
  • @DoxiePom Where have you seen that info,that I have third party details from april ,I cant see that ?????I know I got some third party views on microsoft ,but how do you know thats from April .Also I dont have any views from aol or yahoo yet and its been about 5 months now ?
  • People seem to know more about my videos than me ,or maybe I am not looking in the right places lol
  • Hey @Tripwire,

    That's understandable, but not everyone's account behaves the same way.

    What you must know is that not every video gets picked up for 3rd party distribution the moment it's approved, so counting from the day you were approved won't always give you the result you expect.

    3rd party payouts may take up to 6 months from the moment the view on that site was generated, it may also take a day. But realistically that doesn't happen so we go by the "up to" 6 months expectation (which is pretty standard in our industry). Which also gives those 3rd party sites plenty of time to review and validate their reports and payouts before they are sent over to us.

    It is also worth noting that not 2 platforms behave the same, so this time frame works more as a guideline than a time frame set in stone.

    We always recommend to upload the best content you have, sit back and let the revenue come into your account in it's due time.

    Uploading high quality content as often as possible puts you at an advantage over most creators online,.

    Some of our most successful creators upload 1-2 videos a day and make a significant income from Rumble, which we are always happy to see.

    But as always, if you need help with anything just send us a quick email to Support, and we'll be happy to help you.
  • Thank you Mario appreciate your response but I had already said I had got it wrong and I had actually received a view count from Microsoft ,silly me, and thanks if I have any questions for you I will not hesitate to ask for your help .
  • @tripwire I was talking about my own vids, sorry for the confusion.
  • Tripwire,
    I think I sent you a three page document about Rumble that answers stuff like this?
    If not, i can send it to you now.
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